Pendio’s Q3 2018 launch has customer lining up to take control of their business’ brand online.

Pendio is a new web-based solution that empowers business’ to easily and consistently manage their brands’ exposure online. Pendio was designed from the ground up to provide business owners a set of simple-to-use tools that will remove the complexities of managing and maintaining their business’ online exposure from a single interface. This is helping businesses AMPLIFY their internet marketing and brand awareness.


San Diego, CA., August 22nd, 2018, NFY Interactive, Inc, a software and service company announces the release of its latest software. is an internet marketing accelerator software announced to be released in Q3 2018, with the launch of its client management portal. Pendio was built upon 20 years of experience in the internet marketing sector and is the dream of founder, Chris Fialkowski.

“We have spent the last 20 years helping major brands, many of which are household names; build and maintain their presence online. The focus for Pendio was to find a way to create a powerful suite of tools that would help small businesses cut through the complexity of managing their own brand online,” stated Chris Fialkowski. “Our goal is simple–to help every small business in America ensure that their company, product or service can easily be found online.” He continued.

The initial phase for Pendio is based on 3 core products, each designed to create the maximum impact with a low cost-of-entry. “Your business’ budget and cashflow matters, which is why we build incredible online partnerships with major providers that allow us to pass savings down to you”, stated Chris.

AMPLIFY your internet marketing with Pendio

The first of Pendio’s service is a Location based management tool; which helps businesses manage their online presence through major providers. This includes; Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, YP and many more, more than 100 in all. This location-based management tool goes well beyond the typical name, address and phone syndication (NAP). Pendio is designed to help business manage more than 150 different data points, each design to reflect the individual business. This maximizes the accuracy of information and helps data aggregators such as Google have a number of accurate and confirming data points across the internet.

The second is a partnership with Yelp!. Pendio offers amazing opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of the monthly unique 100 million users through enhance profiles and pay-per-click advertising. The integration of this partnership with the Location management tool helps propel the brand on Yelp and beyond. The accuracy of information helps consumers connect with businesses to access their product or service.

The final service, was actually the first engine Pendio launched with. Reputation Management. Pendio was designed to create a review funnel that doesn’t exploit or circumvent the rules of various providers. Pendio was designed to engage customers to provide valuable feedback to help business owners solve problems or revel in success.

Pendio is a growing platform that will expand into a number of markets and industries. This includes new services which are included as a Pendio member or additional premium services, designed to help businesses.

The first extension available in Q3 2018 is the Food Services Menu syndication tool This tool was designed specifically for restaurants that wish to control their online directory menus, pricing and more through a single control panel. This offering is coupled with the location services and help restaurants ensure their brand and menu is accurate across the internet.

To learn more about, please visit us online at Pendio offers a free business assessment to help businesses understand how they are or are not seen online! This first step approach is to help small business understand the importance of taking control of your online data and internet marketing, otherwise it will control you.