Pendio Is A Powerful Internet Marketing and Branding System

Pendio is a web-based suite of tools that connects your brands to over 100 search engines, directories and more. Pendio’s system pushes, controls and manages your brand online every day.

Pendio is a revolutionary new system; which was designed to give business owners an easy to use tool to control their brand online.

After more than a year of research and development, the team at Pendio realized that many businesses either didn’t have the time or knowledge to maintain hundreds of listings and data points online.

Pendio focuses on the most critical websites and search engines; like: Google, Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, YP, Yahoo, Bing and more.

The core branding engine pushes and controls more than 150+ data points on your business (meta data).

Various search engines and websites use this data to determine the products and services of your business as well as how engaged your internet marketing is online.

How do we know this? Simple. We will use a Google sample. Google’s goal is to ensure that their users have the best experience possible. If they are interacting with your business – Google wants to ensure that YOUR business data is 100% accurate. If a customer shows up and finds out you are closed, even though it said OPEN on Google – they will blame Google.

Google offers businesses a FREE business listing and control panel, via Google My Business (GMB). However, Pendio integrates directly with GMB and more than 100+ other websites to ensure that your data is ALWAYS accurate. This creates more authority for your business with Google and other search engines.

What happens when you aren’t actively controlling your brand and meta data online? Well, Google indexes the entire internet – consistently. They log massive amounts of data on your business. From your website, what others say, etc. This is all scored and ultimately impacts your authority in the search engine results.

If you are not actively managing or controlling your brand, it will slowly deteriorate as users have the ability to add or modify data. It is like ignoring your landscaping… In time, weeds will grow, bushes will overcome pathways and you are looking at a big MESS.

So many businesses are simply ignoring or hoping for the best results. However, blogging and content on your website is simply not as POWERFUL without Pendio ensuring that your meta data and information is accurate.

the AMPLIFICATION occurs when Google is reviewing new blogs and finding that services, brands, business hours, addresses, menu items, people, etc. ALL ALIGN.

We understand there is always a fear or adding another service, or fee. However, your business simply cannot wait or allow other to control your brand.

TAKE CONTROL for only $90/month. That’s right, a few bucks a day and Pendio will manage and control 100+ websites x 150+ meta data points x 30+ days per month. This is literally millions interactions every year to protect your brand online.

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* Based on 50 item menu.