Pendio for Restaurants is HUGE online and mobile

Learn how controlling your Restaurant and Food menu online will drive ore customers! Drive traffic, reservations and brand awareness with Pendio.

Mobile is first and almost the only relevant platform when it comes to finding restaurants and food options. Mobile devices drive more than 88% of all restaurant searches and a staggering 97% for bars!

Pendio was designed to help restaurants of every size push their location and menu data to the most popular directory websites and search engines available. The engine controls your menu and syndicates food items, pricing and more to the most critical websites.

If you are not controlling your menu, your diners are. Including the upset ones.

Running a restaurant and the business elements is a lot of work, our goal was to streamline the data points that people use to find your place!

menu syndication for restaurantsYour location information is critical to keep up to date, but Pendio take things many, many steps further. You can control multiple menus (i.e. lunch and dinner), your core contact details, business hours (including split hours), reservation URLs, even the best location for Uber drivers to drop off customers!

You can quickly add items, change pricing and update descriptions and watch menus update on Yelps!, Google My Business, Google, Facebook and more. Our Pendio for Food allows you to push to even more locations; including: Postmates, Allergy Eats, Zomato and more.

Having your menu syndicated to major indexes is also a fantastic way to ensure that customers that are looking for something unique, can find you! If you offer a venison meal and someone is searching for venison on Google, you are improving your odds of your menu driving traffic to your restaurant.

Pendio doesn’t just do menus! We drive traffic and leads to you!

The Pendio platform teams with one of the most powerful search engines and review sites available to drive paid traffic to your restaurant. By investing into the paid model, we can enhance your profile with video and remove your competitors.

The month to month agreement also provides a great “try it out” approach. The paid traffic also goes beyond a single category of food. In today’s market, there are many fusion themed or more diverse menus. So, you may serve a delicious burger and an amazing crab pot – so labeling your restaurant as American and Seafood will drive more customers to you!

The bottom line is that we have consistently seen great results with the location-based menu management system and traffic & lead generation program. In one case, one of San Diego’s top restaurants experienced an 8% increase in online and phone reservations, while another watched TO-Go orders increase by 6%.

Our goal with Pendio is to offer an easy to use system and a powerful suite of tools to empower your business or restaurant. The AMPLIFICATION process is designed to ensure that you can leverage every data point, website and traffic generation system available at an affordable cost.

The team at Pendio is here to help, we can help provide easy to use templates to upload your menu or even walk you through the system to help you get the most out of your investment.

You will see results and they come quickly when you deploy the full suite of Pendio services.

If you have any questions we would love the opportunity to chat. We believe that when customers take control of their data, their brand and authority sky-rocket!