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The internet is the wild west and your brand is a mess without Pendio. Take control of how you are seen and found online.

Save Time

Pendio is a powerful suite of tools that allows you to manage and amplify your brand online through a single website.

No Rocket Science

Pendio is an easy-to-use suite of tools that will allow you to quickly take control and amplify your brand online.

Pendio manages and amplifies your brand. Everywhere.

Pendio is the most powerful suite of Internet Marketing tools to amplify your brand and build authority online. This easy-to-use system will help you stay in control of your company’s key information to rise power to the top of major search engines.

A powerful network to amplify and grow your business

Pendio is redefining how smaller businesses leverage the internet for internet marketing. The web-based suite of tools were specifically designed and paired to create the most value.

Businesses can quickly see an impact as the engines build authority and brand awareness. The powerful data aggregation system provides a single point to enter and control your business data! Quick, Easy and Affordable; Pendio amplifies your business.

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Watch THE AMPLIFICATION process go! Pendio will get to work immediately after you have selected your service, syndicating your business information to over 100 directories and search engines!

Pendio is a set of amazing tools that helps you quickly and easily AMPLIFY your internet marketing!

The easy-to-use web-based system allows you to control your CORE business information that search engines use to drive CUSTOMERS to your business.

You can setup your account for FREE and our team will help you AMPLIFY your Pendio account location profile.

Control and Syndicate: Business Name, Phone, Address, Email, Web Address, Business Hours, Food or Service Menus, Bios, Events and SO MUCH MORE.

What our customer say

Pendio has helped our company take control of the most basic information that we assumed was correct. This has helped increase our website traffic, phone calls and increased our sales.

Alex G.VP Sales

The menu system saved our restaurant! Before we were managing menus through a different company and had nothing but problems. The team helped every step of the way and even helped upload our menus for us. We are so happy we found Pendio.

Sam M.Restauranteur

Our internet marketing agency told us that we needed to use a tool like Pendio to help manage our brand. Pendio has helped our company update our critical information, but they have also helped add additional data that has been picked up by search engines.

Martha S.Marketing

Simply put, Spectacular. If you aren’t doing something like this and your competitors are… you will lose. Pendio has helped propel our business to the top of Google.

Jane R.CEO

We are small pizzeria that was introduced to Pendio during the beta of the website. They were able to push out menu to Yelp, Facebook, Google and many other foodie websites. The control panel is very easy to use and updating pricing is a breeze. Thank you.

Mattia L.Owner

Real people real support

We work hard to provide the best support your can imagine. Use our support system if you have any questions and our team will respond and help! We are focused on helping infuse value into your business and internet marketing strategy!