Pendio Then and Now (2020 vs. 2024)

How the Changing Environment, Economy and Needs of LOCAL BUSINESS Changed Pendio.

In 2020, Pendio was nearing launch. A platform focused exclusively on LOCAL SEO and connected to Google My Business (GMB) now known as Google Business Profile. In March 2020 the Covid-19 shutdowns dramatically impacted the needs to local businesses. Our focus changed and our team began development on another platform to help with the supply logistics challenges many were facing. Ultimately, Pendio became a forgotten platform – ultimately deprecated as time went on. The decision was made that Pendio would cease any operations.

In 2023, everything changed.

After a move from Austin, TX. back to San Diego, CA. our operations changed drastically. The focus shifted from enterprise software development for companies like Pilot Truck Brokerage (Maersk) and Arthur J. Gallagher to small and medium sized businesses that serve their LOCAL market. We began working with and speaking with a large number of businesses – trying to understand their challenges, it was never planned to build more software.

What Changed and Why?

As we spoke with more LOCAL business owners we noticed a trend that too many were repeating. They were spending money but either had little data, few results or worse – nothing at all. Often the monthly spend was healthy; $1,500 to $2,000 – upon further research we found that on average more than 65% was going into the “management” of the account. The reporting looked decent, there was always an attempt to convince that things were just the way they were. After a few small trials, we quickly found that the cost per lead was more than 300% higher than they needed to be – primarily driven up by these “monthly management fees”. This was unacceptable and hurting businesses – in some cases our friends and clients.

Our goal was set in motion – to create a platform that LOCAL business could rely on – to ACTUALLY HELP GROW THEIR BUSINESS.

Where Things Are and What’s Next.

A lot was put in motion. We assembled a part of the original team from Pendio 1.0 and began the work on Pendio 2.0. We didn’t’ try to salvage anything, we started from scratch. The goal was to create a platform that helped LOCAL BUSINESS quickly and easily connect the most critical tools and systems to help build drive more customers into their location(s). We looked at the most effective ways to drive LOCAL traffic into a business – both PAID and ORGANIC channels and the footprint for Pendio was born.

Pendio is a micro-CRM (customer relationship management) system which builds profiles on individual prospects and customers based on interactions and data over-time. The focus was to ensure we can create a prospect pool; while also tracking the conversion (orders, payments, etc.).

The features list grew, the interaction and systems expanded and our roadmap is focused to help LOCAL BUSINESSES. Pendio went live in March 2024, 4 years after the start of lockdowns, the closure of businesses and more. Our goal is steadfast – to help business owners get the most bang for the buck, grow and build a more consistent path for revenue.

What We Have Today?

A comprehensive CONTACT management system, campaign to drive in prospects from Facebook and more, coupon and digital offers to DRIVE customers quickly, customer and prospect demographic data with custom data science models for efficiency, complex POS integration with FULL data import and discount/coupon tracking, a complete captive Guest WiFi system, Review integration with Template and AI responses and more.

Current Integrations: Google Business Profile (formerly GMB), POS (Square and Clover), ChatGPT, SMS, Email and More.. and LOTS more coming.

What We Are Working on For Tomorrow?

The business marketplace will continue to change, the impact on Pendio will continue to GROW. As of April 2024 we are actively working on further Google Business Profile integrations; including: structured data, posting, AI models and more. As well a complex suite of tools to more proactively engage with prospects and customers. The new campaign systems are fully expanded to track POS and online transactions – ensuring a complete attribution. The expanded contact profile system will include every order transaction, item level details, reviews, scoring, visits to each location and more. The level of data will help complete a picture to enhance marketing and improve the bottom line for our customers.

We are so hopeful that we can grow the suite, onboard customers as seamlessly as possible. We understand that there are growing pains, development challenges – but we will continue to push and work through anything. We are so excited about the platform today and the future is even more promising. A LOCAL SEO tool, Paid channel marketing and growth and more. New technology and new ideas will help propel Pendio further and we are counting on our customers’ growth to drive things well beyond even our imagination.

Cheers to today, tomorrow and WELL beyond.