How Does My Google My Business Listing Keep Getting Updated

Actively managing your GMB (Google My Business) Listing without infrastructure is very challenging.

Google drives a massive amount of traffic (clicks, calls, directions and more) to local businesses. That is why is has become the single most important strategy for any LOCAL SEO push. The listing service Google offers is known as Google My Business. The listings can show up organically on Google Search as well as a paid support option; plus Google Maps!

There is no doubt that Google My Business (GMB) is a critical component, but like so many things online – there is more texture that must be discussed, reviewed and managed to ensure the best outcome for your business.

Google My Business leverages a business owners input to control the listing values: ie. Name, Address, Phone, Business Hours and more. However, the value of Google has always been about leveraging data to create the best possible outcome for ALL Google users. This means that Google Users and UCG (user generated content) are part of everything GMB listing.

The obvious ones that many have seen and experienced are reviews and photos. However, Users can also influence other parts of your Google My Business listing. For example: business hours, business category, phone numbers and more. Basically everything that makes up your business listing.

There are also external 1st party and 3rd party influences that can also drive GMB to make changes to your listing… The biggest 1st party culprit is your own website! Google constantly scans your website and the internet – working to create the most accurate listing for your business. While in most cases this adds value, it could just as easily grab inaccurate information that could harm your GMB listing in the end.

Third party influences are a bit like UGC (user generated content) changes. While Google is scanning other websites; they may pick up consistent bits of information that do not match what Google has. Their algorithm simply makes a judgement call on what information is likely to create the best experience for the Google User. This could easily change your business hours, phone number, category or more…

So what does ALL of this mean!?

Well the bottom line is you must proactively manage your GMB listing and keep an eye on potential changes that you didn’t authorize or are simply inaccurate.

We HIGHLY recommend using a platform like a FREE service which locks the most critical changes from ever happening. Someone says you are closed on Tuesday’s (when you aren’t) – Pendio will DENY that change… Automatically.

Pendio was built to provide peace of mind when it comes to your GMB listing. If your business relies on the calls, website traffic and more… One simple change to your GMB listing can cause it ALL to come tumbling down… and it is absolutely FREE to “LOCK IT”.

You can get started with Pendio today:

  1. Create a FREE Account:
  2. Approve your Email
  3. Login
  4. Click on Locations and Connect your GMB account.
    1. Make sure to check the required box to grant Pendio access.
  5. Click on the location and turn on Data Lock (right column)

THAT’S IT!!! Protect your listing Today.

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