LOCAL SEO 101 : Enhanced Data with Google My Business (GMB)

Learn how controlling your Professional Services List and Restaurant and Food menu online will drive more customers!

GMB has morphed over the last few years into a suite of tools that are designed to help your business grow online. The impact Google My Business has in local markets can help businesses build brand, authority and increase revenue.

menu syndication for restaurants

One of the most overlooked features for all businesses inside of Google’s GMB platform is the Service and Menu feature. This FREE tool allows companies to quickly and easily setup keyword and content rich services for your business listings.

Professional businesses can add service sections and individual service items. A sample would be a marketing company that creates a section called Internet Marketing and a listing item for Local SEO. This data becomes engrained into the business profile and impacts the SERP (search engine results placement).

Restaurants, similarly can add their FOOD menus within the same basic structure – a Section could be Appetizers and an item could be Garlic Bread. The data structure is all the same, but the data elements change based on the needs of the business – it is that simple and that advanced at the same time.

GMB does have a limitation! Well, the front-end UI for GMB. Whether this was intentional or designed to streamline use and simplicity, the fact is – there is still MORE opportunity available with the right access.

Pendio was DESIGNED to support the Enhanced Data elements of GMB by expanding the MENU and SERVICE functionality. Pendio users can quickly add multiple lists under the primary menu or service – this allows for segmentation that goes well beyond any option available in GMB.

The sample is much deeper and richer. Now, a restaurant example has changed completely – A menu can now expand into Dinner and Lunch menus and more, creating significantly more depth and content for GMB to help consume data and drive customers to your business. If your menu has a dish like Lasagna and uses descriptive text like Fresh Local Ingredients… Your businesses chance of a top-level listing for Lasagna improves.

Pendio is an easy to use platform that allows you to quickly connect your locations and begin enhancing data within your profile almost immediately.